Clang Tidy from VS2015 using CMake

In this post I show how to use clang-tidy from within VS2015. The prerequisites are that you must be using CMake to generate your project. During the install of CMake I checked the option to add CMake to my PATH environment variable. I also installed Clang and added it to the PATH environment variable as well. Finally, get Ninja and put it in some directory. Ninja is needed because when I tried to use Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64 for the G option, CMake kept switching the compiler to cl.

VS2015 Manual Profile Guided Optimization for C++

I wanted to use Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) for my project, but I have the VS 2015 Community Edition which does not have PGO UI integration. My project has a solution file and the solution file has many other sub-projects within it. I ended up making a batch file for the instrumentation and a powershell script for optimizing. I also created two property files to override the compile and link options.

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